Child Safety
March 25, 2011 Child Safety
When a car accident occurs, there is a risk of getting serious injuries. In order to avoid this we need to use seatbelt or child restraint in a car. Otherwise, we will be facing a fatal end.
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March 24, 2011 “TBILISOBA”
The Partnership for the Road Safety Foundation held Road Safety event on the auto show, which was organized by Tbilisi city hall and magazine Auto Bild on Tbilisoba. Visitors of the auto show could see special rollover, which makes imitation of car accident and demonstrates how effectively seat belt protects from serious injuries.
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Mobile Phones and Driving Safety
March 23, 2011 Mobile Phones and Driving Safety
Researches show that using a (hand-held or hands-free) mobile phone while driving causes failure of attention and increases the risk of a crash.
Drivers using mobile phones (hand-held or hands-free):
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Why people do not wear seatbelts?
March 22, 2011 Why people do not wear seatbelts?
Seat belt is not necessary while travelling short distance.
Researches show that car accidents mostly occur while travelling short distance.
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It is time to act !
March 21, 2011 It is time to act !
According to global data every day, 3 000 people are killed in car accidents, among which 500 are children. Every year more than 1 000 000 people are killed in car accident throughout the world; more than 50 000 000 are disabled by serious injuries.
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