Partnership for Road Safety Mission

To mobilize and promote cross border cooperation around Georgian road safety movement efforts by improving the reduction of traffic accidents, road safety culture, supporting youth road safety education and promoting both safe and clean transport.

About Foundation Partnership for Road Safety

The Partnership for Road Safety is Georgia’s leading road safety organisation and strives to make Georgia’s roads safe for all road users and to drastically reduce Georgia’s high number of road casualties and injuries. Its’ mission is to mobilize the joint efforts of the state, private and NGO sectors in order to reduce traffic accidents,  to advocate and inform society and the media about road safety issues of importance and  to promote road safety culture and support youth road safety education. The Partnership shares internationally recognized successful best practice and experience in the field of road safety and to involve Georgian road safety in the global road safety movement and cross border cooperation. Since 2006 many high-profile projects have been carried out. One of its most successful projects was the two- three year project Increasing the Seat Belt Use in Georgia and Youth Road Safety Education projects, which was started in 2007 and was funded by USAID, BP, the FIA Foundation for Automobile and Society and Toyota Caucasus. In 2010, through building effective coalitions between public and private actors, the project contributed to establishing legislation that makes the use of seat belts mandatory in the front seat of all vehicles in Georgia. These efforts have contributed to a measurable reduction in road fatalities and an increase of nearly 95% increase in the use of seat belts and other protections. Throughout many projects, the organization has built a network of supporting government, NGOs, media and private sector organizations as well as high-profile individuals.


The Partnership for Road Safety is a part of the Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transportation network which is a UK based organization that regularly shares materials and best practice with EASST partners in more than 10 countries within the region.  In 2012 the partnership has been awarded a prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety award in recognition of its significant impact on the road safety situation in Georgia. Also in 2013 Foundation became member of the Global Alliance of the NGOs for Road Safety. The Partnership has since 2006 carrying out high-profile projects which share internationally recognized successful best practice and experience in the field of road safety.

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