Road Safety raised by EASST and Partners at EBRD Annual Meeting, Tbilisi

On 15 May 2015 EASST organised and hosted a panel discussion on ‘Effective Local Stakeholder Partnerships to Improve Road Safety’ at the Annual Meeting of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in Tbilisi, Georgia. At this year’s EBRD Annual Meeting, EASST was selected  as the only CSO organisation to run their own themed panel. Improving road safety represents a major challenge in the Caucasus region, where alarming casualty rates suggest the need for better awareness raising and capacity building of local stakeholders. In Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, high levels of road casualties are national challenges. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 2013 Global Status Report on Road Safety, in Armenia the fatality rate per 100,000 people was 18.1, in Georgia 15.7 and in Azerbaijan 13.1, compared to averages of 7.2 in Italy and Slovenia, 6.4 in France and 3.7 in the UK.
სუფთა ჰაერი საქართველოსთვის
სემინარი საგზაო მოძრაობისა და გზების უსაფრთხოების შესახებ.