The Foundation “Partnership for Road Safety” Prepares the Series of Articles about Road Safety

The foundation "Partnership for Road Safety" started preparing the series of articles about road safety risks and problems. The foundation cooperates with the representatives of printing media. The articles have been already edited in the following newspapers: "Georgia Today", "" and in the magazine "Broadcasting".

According to the official data, there are yearly more than 6 000 crashes on the Georgian roads. In the article, there is analyzed the causes of road accidents and reviewed the road safety problems existed in Georgia, which endanger the lives and health of people. The authors discuss the ways of solving the road safety problems with the respondents,

The foundation "Partnership for Road Safety" plans to prepare more articles about road safety issues in the future. The following articles will be about the Second UN Global Road Safety Week, where the foundation will participate in. The week will be held in May 6-12, 2013, and it dedicates to the pedestrians’ problems.

The articles are available here:

Georgia Today – “Sleeping Policeman” awake! Save our children!

Georgia Today - Dr. Vato Surguladze: “a firebrand for road safety” 

Georgia Today – Pedestrians, “You have the right to remain silent” 

Georgia Today – Dodge Or Die: a sidewalk by other name...

Georgia Today – Dodge Or Die: Crossing the Street in Georgia - Driving In Tbilisi

Magazine “Broadcasting” - Save Children's Lives on the Roads Together

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