SOS Poisoned Air!

Gela Kvashilava, the founder of the "Partnership for Road Safety", was the guest of the program “Skhva Shuadghe” on Rustavi 2. The main topic was the condition of the atmospheric air. Attendees talked about current challenges, ongoing processes and expected results. Gela Kvashilava pointed out that main pollutant of air is transport. To improve air quality it is required to take steps to improve the technical condition of the vehicles and quality of fuel. In his opinion, monitoring of fuel quality and marking mechanisms should be considered. It is also necessary to promote the use of environment friendly public and non-motorized transport.

სუფთა ჰაერი საქართველოსთვის
სემინარი საგზაო მოძრაობისა და გზების უსაფრთხოების შესახებ.