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Friendly Roads
June 25, 2014 Friendly Roads
Georgia‟s unsafe roads are one of the most urgent public health problems facing the country. Last year alone, 605 people were killed in traffic accidents, with an additional 7734 persons injured.
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Be Active, Be Safe
April 16, 2014 Be Active, Be Safe
The project “Be Active, Be Safe includes three kinds of activities: friendly roads, road safety education at schools and students engagement.
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Children 's Road Safety
February 18, 2014 Children 's Road Safety
During 2012-2014, the foundation “Partnership for Road Safety” participated in the program “Develop the Dialogue on the Public Policy between Non-Governmental Sector and Parliament of Georgia”.
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Choose the Safe Way project
November 6, 2013 Choose the Safe Way project
The main goal of the project “Choose the Safe Way” was to decrease the incidence of death and injury on Georgian roads through working with Parliament of Georgia,
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Be Safe, Be Visible
November 5, 2013 Be Safe, Be Visible
The road infrastructure in Tbilisi has been improved and there is a numerous number of cross walks and underground crossings and over passing bridges which should be used by pedestrians for their safety.
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