Video on Seatbelt
April 12, 2011 Video on Seatbelt

The Partnership for the Road Safety Foundation made a video clip on the importance of seatbelt use. The video is narrated story of a man, who was disabled by a car accident.

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School Exhibition
April 12, 2011 School Exhibition

On November 29th the National Curriculum and Assessment Centre and the Ministry of Education arranged the exhibition to present its new programs and joint projects with NGOs. The Partnership took a part in the event and presented handbooks for schoolchildren, posters and visuals.

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Meeting at Vartsikhe Patriot Camp
April 12, 2011 Meeting at Vartsikhe Patriot Camp
On 24 July, under the auspices of the UN, Georgias first lady Ms. Sandra Elizabeth Roelofs met with Georgian youth at Vartsikhe Patriot Camp, where there are presently 420 people, aged from 15 to 22, on vacation. The main purpose of the meeting was to provide the younger generation with necessary information on healthcare issues.
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Research Results
April 12, 2011 Research Results
The Partnership for the Road Safety foundation conducted research through observation, in order to define share of safety belt user drivers and front seat passengers in Tbilisi and on the highways. The research shows that this issue is really problematic for our society, as only 1 % of drivers use seat belts in Tbilisi and 41 % - on the highways.
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Campaign Fasten Your Seat Belt for Your Life
April 12, 2011 Campaign Fasten Your Seat Belt for Your Life
On the 1st of May, Partnership for Road Safety jointly with the Georgian Automobile Federation and Department of Auto Engeniering of the Technical University arranged an action Fasten Your Seatbelt for Your Life.
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