Why people do not wear seatbelts?

Seat belt is not necessary while travelling short distance.
Researches show that car accidents mostly occur while travelling short distance.

•• Qualified drivers can always control the situation.
Researches show that in some cases even the most qualified drivers fail to avoid the accident.
•• It is dangerous to be restrained in the car, because if an accident occurs, you will not be able to get out of the car.
Expertise shows that it is better to stay in the car when an accident occurs; otherwise, the accident may result in fatalities.

•• Seatbelt is unnecessary while driving at low speed.
It is necessary to wear safety belt at low speed, as crash at 40km/hr is equal to falling from the first floor.
•• Back seat passengers do not have to buckle up.
Back seat passengers are not safe; they are at the same risk of being injured as the front seat passengers.
•• No matter what stage you are of your pregnancy, it is vital that you always wear a seat belt.
By wearing a seat belt, you are protecting yourself and your unborn baby with 70% in the event of a crash.

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