Georgia finally mandates seatbelt usage among pickup truck drivers

Now it's just New Hampshire. For decades, any effort in Georgia to require universal seatbelt use couldn't get passed – such matters would just get stuck in the throat of the House by extra-regulation-resistant rural lawmakers. The consistent rejection kept pickup truck driving adults from being legally required to buckle up, an exemption that drove safety advocates up the wall. 

According to The Washington Post, however, statistics about needless deaths, avoidable accidents and potential medical cost savings seem to have finally connected with enough House members to send the bill through, with the measure passing by a tally of 132-29. 

For what it's worth, not wearing a belt when you're using your pickup truck on a construction site or farming doesn't seem like a contentious issue. Speeds are low and drivers may be in and out of the truck rather regularly, but those situations are not on public roads at normal speeds. Despite what some view as as unneeded regulation, it seems that members of the Georgia House now consider a law requiring adults to buckle up when in pickup trucks (the same as in cars) as a vote for common sense that will keep more money in state coffers. 

Now it's just the Granite State as the lone state that doesn't mandate seatbelt use. Live free and/or die?
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