Press conference of the foundation director

Director of the "Partnership for Road Safety" Irakli Izoria held a press conference concerning the committee's inquiry - The Atmospheric Air Condition in Tbilisi. The organization has submitted a survey to the Parliament on the impact of asbestos on human health, with relevant recommendations. Irakli Izoria talked about existing challenges on asbestos, presented ways of solving problems based on international examples. In his opinion, the import and consumption of asbestos as all types of carcinogen should be prohibited. He especially emphasized the asbestos brakes that hold a great deal on the market. Irakli Izoria believes that there is the need of the state program, monitoring system, strict customs control, raise awareness, etc.

სუფთა ჰაერი საქართველოსთვის
სემინარი საგზაო მოძრაობისა და გზების უსაფრთხოების შესახებ.