International Transport and POLIS meeting in London

Great discussions and insights at the International Transport and POLIS meeting in London and Manchester. The founder of the foundation “Partnership for Road Safety” Gela Kvashilava was the attendee of the meeting. In his opinion, to promote walkability and bike-friendly design in #Tbilisi, it’s necessary to improve data management, local road design standards and knowledge, and build vibrant network of supporters from business, government, media - “We have to bring people back to the streets and bicycle-sharing system is viable for Georgian cities. Accessible and well connected with public transport, walking and cycling infrastructure helps our cities stay congestion free, improve air quality and road safety.”

სუფთა ჰაერი საქართველოსთვის
სემინარი საგზაო მოძრაობისა და გზების უსაფრთხოების შესახებ.