Dangerous Game, a fiction for teenagers

Partnership for Road Safety Foundation initiated shooting a fiction-animated movie within the framework of the project Road Safety Education in Schools, specially dedicated to teenagers. From the next year, the Foundation plans to introduce the above-mentioned project not only in primary classes but also in upper classes of the project target schools. The film director and a scriptwriter is Salome Sagaradze. The film tells the story of a school boy. His experience shall be impressive for his peers; any teenager has probably appeared in the same situation as the film character. Lack of responsibility and carelessness endangers not only the film character, but also others’ lives. Many people will have to go through stressful and dangerous situations due to his unintentional and unthoughtful behavior, not speaking of problems with police. The film character tells the investigator how he stole his mother’s car and decided to drive out of the city with friends. He is talking about the accident which took place later. We do hope that teenagers will make correct conclusions from the film and will acknowledge the risks and consequences related to the violation of road safety norms and incorrect driving.

სუფთა ჰაერი საქართველოსთვის
სემინარი საგზაო მოძრაობისა და გზების უსაფრთხოების შესახებ.